Key MIDREX® Technology Developments

Technology suppliers are expected to develop new and improved products that keep pace with the quicker, more demanding pace of today’s global marketplace. Staying on the leading edge of technology requires a seamless blending of research and operational experience that never loses sight of the goal - to provide customers the performance, flexibility and reliability needed to be successful.

Midrex continually increases the relevance and vitality of its process technology and equipment to assure that technology innovations and improvements benefit new and existing customers alike.

The following are a few of the most significant innovations and improvements introduced over the last four decades of MIDREX® Direct Reduction Technology:

  • Raw material flexibility:  MIDREX® Plants have processed iron bearing materials of varying quality from more than 50 sources around the world and have operated reliably and consistently using 70 percent lump ore and combinations of numerous iron oxide pellets. Some companies have successfully used the MIDREX® Process to reduce BF-grade pellets when they were unable to obtain DR-grade materials in order to maintain steelmaking operations.
  • Large Capacity Plants:  MIDREX® Plants are available with guaranteed capacities of 2 million tons per year from a single shaft furnace. A design for a 3 million ton module is being developed.
  • Low Energy Consumption:  MIDREX® Plants can incorporate up to five stages of heat recovery and consistently achieve the lowest natural gas consumption in the industry.
  • Reductant Options:  Natural gas is not the only reductant. MXCOL® Plants can be designed to use syngas from COREX® Plants, coal gasifiers, coke oven gas (COG), and other coal-based sources. Modules utilizing coal reductant options are installed in South Africa and under construction in India.
  • Hot Transport Options:  Midrex offers three options for transporting hot DRI from the shaft furnace to an electric arc furnace at 650°C: hot transport conveyor, hot transport vessels, and HOTLINK® (which transports and charges hot DRI by gravity directly into the EAF). Six modules incorporating hot transport vessels and one using a hot transport conveyor are in operation. Two modules with HOTLINK® systems and one with a hot transport conveyor are under construction.