Hot Transport Conveyor System

MIDREX® Hot Discharge Plants can be equipped with a hot transport conveyor (HTC) system to minimize temperature loss and to prevent re-oxidation of HDRI while being transferred to an EAF meltshop up to a distance of 200 meters. The proven hot transport conveyor supplied by Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH has been used successfully with impressive results at multiple installations.

The HTC system has several advantages over a pneumatic transport system including:

  • lower investment cost
  • lower energy and maintenance costs
  • less fines generation

Hadeed Module E

Hadeed Module E is a 1.76 million ton per year MIDREX® Plant that features an HTC developed by Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH in cooperation with Siemens VAI and Midrex. 

HDRI is fed to two insulated bins above the meltshop and metered into the EAF. Each bin is sized to contain at least one complete HDRI charge for the EAF. As one bin is emptied into the EAF, the other is filled with fresh HDRI, which allows for continuous DRI production.

Hadeed’s Module E MIDREX® Plant has an optional external cooler to produce cold DRI (CDRI) at times when the meltshop does not require HDRI. The DR plant can quickly be switched from production of HDRI to CDRI without disruption to plant operation. As a combo plant, Module E can produce up to 100% HDRI or vary its HDRI and simultaneous CDRI production as desired.