2015 World DRI Statistics

Statistics on direct reduced iron production broken down by:

  • Process
  • Region
  • Country
  • Year
  • Capacity Utilization by Process
  • World Shipments (by water and land)
  • Complete plant list


Worldwide, direct reduction plants produced 72.57 million tons in 2015, based upon data collected by Midrex Technologies, Inc. and audited by World Steel Dynamics. This was nearly two million tons lower than 2014, a decline of 2.7%. The slowdown was commensurate with the rest of the steel industry, which fell by 2.5% worldwide and by 2.9% if China is excluded from the data. The primary cause of the lower production of DRI was dropping prices for steel and resultant fall in steel production that arose from a slowdown in Chinese demand combined with extreme steelmaking overcapacity within China.